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MarijuanaMulcher shredders are designed to grind down medical marijuana waste to be rendered unusable and unrecognizable.

They're Green, Clean, Mulching Machines!  Go greener and cleaner with our dual shaft shredders which run at low speeds and high end torque.

They're Tough!  Our Dual shaft medical marijuana shredders are designed to shred roots, root balls, stalks, leaves, stems,  plastic pots and other waste materials.

They're Quiet!  These models are designed for indoor use with quiet electric motors eliminating exhaust and carbon fuels.

They're Efficient!  Save valuable production time and money.  Leave that loud obnoxious tree chipper in the shed where it belongs and out-shred the competition.


Meet or Exceed Regulations.  State laws and regulations differ from state to state.   Not only is secure destruction of all plant waste regulated but many require that you mix your waste with non-marijuana waste and other ground material - 51% non-marijuana ratio per volume.   Save time and money by not having to pre/post mix.  Whatever your mix method is, our Dual Shaft MarijuanaMulchers can handle it. 

Like a Weed!  California, Colorado, Oregon and Nevada, along with 25 other states have legalized medicinal and recreational marijuana.   Many states are in process of legalization or will be in the near future.  Are you meeting your states regulations?    Give us a call to get ahead of the boom! 

Mulch Away!  Mulch materials such as  paper, cardboard, mulch, food waste, soil,  whole stems, leafs roots, root balls, and other vegetation. 


  • Marijuana Cultivation
  • Cannabis Grow Operations
  • Hemp Production
  • Medicinal
  • Recreational


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Customer Testimonial

“We appreciated working with Todd and his team at Marijuana Mulcher who not only provided a superior piece of equipment but outstanding customer service. Looking forward to continuing the relationship.” - Curaleaf

Los Suenos Farms - 10hp
Los Suenos Farms - 10hp

Customer Testimonial

"MarijuanaMulcher has been a Great asset for our 30 acre facility, we were able to grind 30,000 pounds of waste this past year. It is our goal to be as environmentally friendly as possible as well as keeping compliant with MED/ state regulations and this machine helps us in that goal. It is efficient, quiet and easy to use enabling us to make the marijuana unrecognizable and unusable. Todd provided superior customer service and support throughout the entire process. We couldn’t be more pleased. Thank you." - Los Suenos Farms

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